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Controlling external processes has never been as simple

WYIPI TKS - Tracking Systems
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The control of external processes, which are beyond our sight, are always a problem!

How can you do it from a distance, safely, without leaving your factory, your facilities, without losing control and time?



External Process


For upstream processes, Purchasing control, Suppliers, Transport, Distance Subcontracts. But also external downstream processes, Deliveries, Assemblies, Works, Inspections, etc. With automatic alerts, Images, Notes, Reminders, Document Management and related dematerialised quality, associated to each process, case, or task. With total traceability, online.

Control Subcontractors

Specific solutions for freight forwarders, trading companies and chain stores, with local traceability.

TKS streamlines administrative operations and eliminates the need for emails, phone calls, and other related logistics operations!


Its new tool, its solution, to minimise travel, time, unnecessary communications and remote control, any kind of external process that demands or requires more control.

A solution already tested and in force at COVET GROUP, Boca do Lobo, Menina Design and all the other many brands of this Group

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