wyipi pvs
productivity value system

Controlling productivity has never been so simple.
With 3 Sigma averaging and improvement potentials.


With alerts and recommendations for the factory floor, to involve workers in processes of continuous improvement, with an Incentive system.

Incentive System

Enables automatic, multi-level, productivity indexing of Incentive Systems. Incentives paid by person, according to the collective objectives achieved at the machines and/or sections where each person worked and according to the contribution of monthly hours each one spent. Incentive System (IS), totally fair and objective, in which productivity gains are shared between the company and its workers.

Automatic Calculation of the

Cost of the Industrial Minute

The WYIPI PVS platform enables the automatic calculation of the industrial minute cost of direct labour assigned to your products, with the inclusion of the OEE automatic calculation.

Aumento de Produtividade - Métricas de Desempenho


Free Diagnosis


    As WYIPI Platforms allow you to know who did what, when, how and where, day by day, every day with averages and improvement potentials calculated econometrically and statistically with 97-99.67% confidence.

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