"When we are buying, when we are deciding, everything comes to hand. More and more we have to have an open track to companies as if when you're placing the order, you're talking directly to who you're executing. Industry 4.0 brings that challenge to the industry. To adapt and provide immediate responses".
Gualter Morgado
APIMA Executive Director
"The idea of this project is that man helps machine and machine helps man and that the two win the whole world. It has allowed a big increase in productivity, it has grown between 25% and 30%, which means that each job has produced more".

António Cruz
XP Consulters
"We have reduced our delivery time, increased the volume of capacity and achieved more than anything, customisation. We are currently working with a very high level of customization".

Carlos Alves
AM Forniture
"We started the implementation of ACC Systems systems in mid 2016, when the average number of employees reached 133, working some sections in 2 shifts and reaching the third when necessary. Personnel costs, shifts and overtime were exponential that year. With the implementation of the systems, we began to optimise processes, secure the information that was sometimes lost in the minds of older employees and better control team productivity. The implementation of the systems was intense and required both from us and from ACC. Their dedicated and proactive team makes everything possible and easy. We just have to want and work with them. We always want to do more, better and faster, and we should only have the necessary resources at all times. We currently work only 1 shift and have 105 employees. We have absolute control over all production, being able to identify by the final product all the materials used (with details of entry date, specific batch, supplier and cost), all the employees involved (production times and parts produced) and all the quality information (number of good parts, number of defective parts and types of defect). In terms of invoicing, we remain at the same level, being prepared to do more with less and make the most of our resources".
Raquel Santos
Administrator of Metalúrgica Bakeware Production SA

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