WEB Solution for Inventory, Evaluation and Risk Management associated to your business.
Prevent new crisis situations;
Internalise the Risk Management Function.
How to elaborate Contingency, Continuity and Business Recovery Emergency Plans so that this recovery is faster?

Traditional Risk Matrix

How to break down and identify risks associated with your business?
And how to gain insight on them?
Probability of occurrence of risk is drastically reduced the moment we perceive it.
How well to align and tune your entire organization around this perception?

Matriz Tradicional de Risco
Ciclo de Gestão de Risco

Risk Management Cycle

How to classify and manage them?
How to reduce detection times?

Parameters Used

With alerts and recommendations for the factory floor, to involve workers in processes of continuous improvement, with an Incentive system.
How to detect early warning signs?
What quantitative impact can each one have on your Balance Sheet?

Parâmetros de Risco Usados
Métricas de Avaliação de Risco

Risk Assessment with


Econometric and Mathematical Approach
How to evaluate them with metrics?
How to avoid them? Mitigate them? Transfer them? Or absorb them?
How to mitigate the impacts of crises?
How to recover business in the shortest period of time?

Now also available for SMEs

Crisis COVID-19 , "lays bare" the fragility and unpreparedness of our organisations for dealing with Risk

The internalisation of this Function is critical for Continuity and/or Business Recovery

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